Sports osteopathy

A basic idea of ​​sports osteopathy is that the body functions optimally. Good blood circulation, a properly functioning metabolism, all organs and tissues are mobile to each other, that is basically exactly what athletes need for their high level of performance. Sports often require very complex movement sequences and that is exactly what osteopathy tries to understand.

Unfortunately, many people only come into practice when it is already too late. For athletes in particular, it may make sense under certain circumstances to work osteopathically in a preventive manner and individually adapted to their level of training.

The idea of ​​osteopathy could be to avoid injuries, prevent acute symptoms from occurring in the first place, identify imbalances and poor posture at an early stage and avoid long breaks in training.

With Patricia Krall we have an osteopath at our side who combines the knowledge from her bachelor’s degree in sports science and the bachelor’s degree in osteopathy. This makes her the perfect contact for recreational and competitive athletes.

To find out whether there is an osteopathic approach for you, preventatively or in acute cases, please contact us.

Important note: The treatment methods used in my practice come from empirical medicine. The majority of these established medical therapy procedures are not yet sufficiently scientifically proven according to the principles of evidence-based medicine (conventional medicine). In particular, there are still no randomized, controlled studies or comprehensive meta-analyses. The success of empirical medical therapy cannot be guaranteed in every treatment case.

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