Children’s Osteopathy

If you are looking for a specialized pediatric osteopath in Munich, you have come to the right place. With her additional training in the field of pediatric osteopathy, Mrs. Mayer is the right contact person in our practice.

Functional disturbances in babies and toddlers, which can be caused by so-called birth traumas, are not uncommon. We treat complaints that can occur in these young patients using the approach of pediatric osteopathy. The techniques used on babies and young children are extremely gentle and require precision to gently adapt to the growing tissue.

Restrictions in the movement of the neck joints and increased crying, for example, can indicate functional disturbances. If you are considering the gentle and careful treatment method of pediatric osteopathy for your child, please have a medical diagnosis done before making an appointment.

In the first session, a thorough history, examination, and already the first treatment will take place. Pediatric osteopathy aims to make babies and young children more relaxed and calm. During the treatment, the body’s natural self-correcting forces are stimulated to strengthen the nervous system and activate self-healing powers.

We have the expert in pediatric osteopathy in Munich. Please feel free to schedule an appointment with Alexandra Mayer.

Important Note: The treatment methods used in my practice are based on empirical medicine. The majority of these established medical therapy methods have not yet been scientifically sufficiently confirmed according to the principles of evidence-based medicine (conventional medicine). In particular, there are no randomized controlled studies or comprehensive meta-analyses available. Success with empirical medical therapy methods cannot be guaranteed in every case.

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